ABA Therapy Treatment

What is ABA Therapy?

ABA therapy is an evidence-based therapy that has been used over the years and has proven its efficacy in improving individuals’ lives.
Applied Behavior Analysis focuses on treating the most important aspects that prevent the individual from learning and acquiring new skills. This therapy is inclusive and designed to develop each aspect of the individuals’ life such as communication, self-help, social skills, toileting, eating, academics and more. ABA therapy helps the child acquire new skills that have not been learned in the past and/or decrease the undesired behaviors such as hitting, screaming, self-injurious behavior.

ABA Therapy (Applied Behaviour)
London, Ontario

How Can ABA Therapy Help My Child?

Through implementing systematic teaching strategies and focusing on the weak areas to improve and working on keeping and strengthening the strong areas in the child’s learning, we can make significant changes and help your child grow and succeed.

  • Communication skills 
  • Social skills
  • Academic success
  • Toilet training
  • Daily life skills
  • Play skills
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