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Welcome to our Partnerships page, where creativity and cooperation converge to provide therapy and child development services. Here at ABA Compass, we value the power of a strong sense of community and collaborative efforts to deliver all-encompassing, interdisciplinary care. We are honoured to collaborate with eminent neighbourhood groups that value improving the lives of the kids and families we assist.

Our partners are an extension of our mission to provide comprehensive assistance and specialized services; they are more than just affiliates. Every collaboration enhances our capacity to meet the many requirements of individuals overcoming the obstacles posed by autism spectrum disorder and associated developmental disorders. From speech and language services to occupational therapy, our partners offer a plethora of knowledge and a common enthusiasm for enabling people to realize their greatest potential.

The introductions to our renowned partners are provided below. These organizations share the same commitment to excellence as ABA Compass, and they are leaders in their respective professions. In the knowledge that together, we are laying the groundwork for a better, more encouraging future for our clients and their families, we cordially encourage you to learn more about each partner and the priceless services they offer.

Heather Harris, the founder and chief occupational therapist of Thriving Kids London Pediatrics, provides a thorough and caring approach to pediatric occupational therapy. Heather has 14 years of devoted service, a Master of Occupational Therapy from McMaster University, and extensive knowledge of a wide range of illnesses, including learning difficulties and sensory processing issues. Her all-encompassing strategy places a strong emphasis on fostering the special talents and characteristics that each child possesses.

The philosophy at Thriving Kids London Pediatrics is that children’s development greatly benefits from early, customized intervention. Services are provided in a variety of contexts, such as community settings and in-home settings, with the goal of improving everyday living abilities, such as grooming and clothing. Heather’s dedication to the development of children and young people is demonstrated by her lifelong learning and practical, play-based therapeutic approaches. She advocates for a youth- and child-led approach, working to enhance her clients’ quality of life and encourage independence.

Outside of her career, Heather is a passionate runner who loves beach runs, marathons, and spending quality time with her active dog and family. Her zeal for life and community involvement is equal to her passion for her profession and her clients.

London, Sarnia, and St. Thomas, Ontario are home to the prestigious private practice Ontario Speech & Language Services. The clinic offers a range of speech and language services to both adults and children, including thorough evaluations and interventions for swallowing and communication disorders.

Ontario Speech & Language Services provides flexible service settings, such as clinics, residences, childcare centres, and private schools, in recognition of the varied needs of its customers. This adaptability guarantees that people can get the help they require in the most practical environment. The clinic offers specialized services to improve language, reading, and communication abilities for children aged 1 to 18 as well as post-accident recovery and cognitive communication programs for adults.

By billing vehicle insurance companies directly, Ontario Speech & Language Services, an independent HCAI facility, expedites the process for clients involved in traffic accidents. The practice’s dedication to providing outstanding treatment to clients of all ages is demonstrated by its careful consideration of service accessibility and customer convenience.

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