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ABA Services in London, Ontario

It is our mission to improve the quality of life of children and adolescents with autism and other related disorders by applying a valid and reliable methodology of evidence-based science known as Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). We are able to accept OAP and private funding for services. 

Home-based therapy provides an opportunity for children to learn and progress in an environment they feel most comfortable in. Every child is unique in some may benefit from sessions that are conducted within the home environment. This proves an opportunity for sessions to be arranged around family life and school. Home-based services are an effective way to gain insight into a child’s daily life. This establishes a safe and comfortable environment where the child is surrounded by their belongings and toys to foster a safe space for learning and growth. Home-based therapy provides an opportunity for parents to be actively involved in the child’s therapy process

After the initial assessment and IT is assigned to the child based on their needs and hours of therapy required. Our experienced therapists use a step-by-step approach to break down goals to aid in the development of desired skills. IT’s collected data from sessions to make appropriate adjustments to the treatment plan based on assessments. 

Centre-based services set the stage for an environment that fosters learning, growth, and development in a realistic environment to prepare them for their future. Centre-based therapy provides an opportunity for children to socialize in a more controlled environment. There is a potential to learn away from the distractions of the home environment and benefit from learning within a structured environment. Centre-based therapy allows children to interact with peers and build communication and social skills. Our centre is run by a qualified team of instructor therapists supervised by our qualified BCBA providing ABA therapy at a dedicated location at 1589 Fanshawe Park Rd E. we have multiple available parking spots for families to ease the process of dropping off and picking up their children.

Our centre is warm and rich environment with variety of educational toys, fun activities. We focus on generalizing our learning skills through pretend play and use real objects and real daily life scenarios and demonstrate them in our children’s’ natural environmental teaching.

We have our wide and safe backyard with plenty of resources to have fun, physically engage and interact with other children. We have trampoline area, swings, slides and the sand pool area.

In the centre, your child will get several opportunities to lean discrete trial teaching through one to one, small groups. social group activities, circle time that will teach reviewing our daily calendar, singing songs, reading book, learning manners, and greeting others.

Group activities, board games, puzzles, art and craft, play dough, cooking sessions, playing ball, bowling and more.

We Are Committed To Providing high
Quality ABA Therapy

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ABA Therapy

An evidence-based therapy that has proven efficacy in improving individuals’ lives.

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Professional Supervision

We provide professional supervision for those pursuing certification.

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We assess the strengths and weaknesses of your child’s performance. 

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We collaborate with other professionals in the intervention team. 

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Family Support

Let our family help yours in their journey to overcome autism.


Autistic Child Play Date

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