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Family Support Services

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Support Services for Parents

Parent Training and Workshops

At ABA Compass, we recognize that a family’s journey to support a child with an ASD or cognitive difficulties involves everyone. For this reason, we provide in-depth training sessions and workshops that are especially intended for parents and guardians. Our programs offer insightful guidance on applying Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) concepts to improve your child’s development and overcome everyday obstacles.

These meetings address a variety of subjects, such as but not limited to:

  • Techniques for controlling behaviour
  • Methods to Promote Language Acquisition
  • How to develop social skills
  • Techniques to assist with the processing of sensory information

Our parent education program is intended to provide you with the skills and information required to assist your child’s learning and positive behaviour at home by establishing a stable and nurturing environment.

Social and Play Group Activities

A child’s development depends critically on their social contacts. In order to help with this, ABA Compass provides Play Groups and Social Group Activities, which allow kids to interact with their classmates in a fun and structured setting. These programs offer secure environments where kids can hone social skills like:

  • Taking turns and sharing
  • Starting and continuing discussions
  • Making friends
  • Recognizing and communicating feelings

Our activities are overseen by seasoned experts who make sure every child is helped along their social learning path. Children who take part in these groups can develop the self-assurance and social skills necessary to handle social situations more skillfully.

We at ABA Compass think that families have great power. Our goal is to assist you in realizing your child’s greatest potential. With a variety of support services tailored to your individual requirements, our family is prepared to welcome you into ours. We’re here to support you at every step, including affordable pricing for families facing financial difficulties, joyful playdates, and group therapy sessions that promote growth and understanding. We provide monthly parent and guardian workshops on important subjects like:

Using ABA to Treat Problematic Behaviours: Acquire techniques to direct constructive modifications.
Overcoming Picky Eating: Nutritious methods to increase the diversity of your diet.
Easy Steps to Reach This Significant Milestone: Potty Training Made Easy.
Enhancing Social Skills: Developing the capacity to communicate effectively with others.
It is encouraging to realize that living with autism is a common experience. In order to develop a feeling of community and group strength, we advocate for support groups and group activities. We can create a strong network to help our families succeed by exchanging experiences and knowledge.

ABA therapy services that are affordable and compassionate

We understand that being unable to pay shouldn’t ever prevent someone from getting high-quality care. At ABA Compass, we’re dedicated to making sure that being in financial need won’t prevent you from using our services. Our flexible pricing plans are made to provide you with help that is affordable, letting you obtain your child the services they need.

Complete the form below to learn more about our reasonable pricing options and confirm your eligibility for exclusive discounts. To make sure you get the help you require, we are here to help you navigate these possibilities.

Mastery of Self-Regulation

Developing Behavioural and Emotional Independence

A key component of human growth is self-regulation, which enables people to control their emotions and behaviours in adaptive ways. Our specialist programs at ABA Compass are designed to help children with autism develop this important skill set. Children who get our specialized ABA therapy services gain the ability to recognize their feelings, comprehend the things that cause them, and create coping mechanisms that allow them to live more independently in the world.

Our method is based on mindfulness, positive reinforcement, and well-structured, entertaining, and instructive exercises. We are strong proponents of practice and modelling, giving kids lots of chances to use their abilities in a safe setting. Our mission is to give your child the skills necessary to develop behavioural self-control and emotional equilibrium while building their sense of independence and self-worth.

Techniques for Achievement

Teaching kids to recognize and communicate their emotions is known as emotional recognition and expression.
Coping Mechanisms: An introduction to practical techniques for managing tension, annoyance, and worry.
Techniques for Mindfulness and Relaxation: Developing a peaceful, present-moment awareness.
Encouraging adaptive behaviours with organized instruction and reinforcement is known as positive behaviour support.
We cordially encourage you to learn more about our courses on mastering self-regulation. To find out more about how we can assist your kid in achieving emotional and behavioural independence, get in touch with us.

Gaining Practical Playing Experience

Improving Education thru Play

Play is more than simply a way to pass the time when kids are young; it’s an essential part of their growth and the basis for learning, socializing, and creativity. With the goal of transforming playtime into an enriching educational experience, ABA Compass is dedicated to helping children with autism acquire functional playing skills. Our ABA treatment support programs are made to encourage the growth of play skills that become useful abilities, enhancing children’s lives and getting them ready for new challenges.

Our play-based therapies are centred around:

Social Play: Fostering peer relationships to improve social and communication skills.
Independent Play: Encouraging the capacity for self-directed play, which boosts imagination and problem-solving abilities.
Structured Play: Using games and exercises to impart particular knowledge and abilities in an enjoyable and interesting way.

We foster a safe space for kids to explore, learn, and develop by incorporating these components into our therapy sessions. Our skilled therapists collaborate closely with each child, customizing activities to meet their specific needs and areas of interest.

Play with Intention

Every playtime is an opportunity for learning and growth, according to ABA Compass. Our educational initiatives aim to enhance children’s enjoyment of learning by tapping into their innate curiosity and zeal. Play aids in the development of vital life skills in kids, like:

Adaptability and flexibility: The capacity to move smoothly through transitions and unfamiliar circumstances.
Problem solving and critical thinking: Promoting experimentation and discovery as a means of overcoming challenges.
Motor Skills: Using active play to improve fine motor skills and physical coordination.

Use ABA Compass to explore the transformative potential of functional playing skills. Get in touch with us to see how we can help your child’s play play a vital role in their development.

Group Exercises for Development and Communication
Gaining Practical Playing Experience

Why Opt for ABA Compass?

At ABA Compass, we are a community dedicated to your child’s growth and well-being, not just a service provider. Our ABA therapy services and family support services are designed to meet the special needs and possibilities that come with autism. Our goal is to provide families with the information, tools, and resources necessary to provide a caring and encouraging environment for their children through our extensive ABA treatment support services.

We take a caring, all-encompassing approach that is grounded in the most recent evidence-based methods. We recognize the value of giving families access to resources and a network of support so they may face the journey of autism with hope and confidence.

ABA Compass is here to help, whether you’re looking for advice on how to handle particular behaviours, want to improve your child’s social skills, or need financial assistance to use our services. Our devoted team of experts is committed to providing superior care and assistance that is customized to meet the needs of your family.

Come experience ABA Compass, where we put your family’s journey first. Together, we can set your child up for success, learning, and growth.

Exclusive Offers and Promotions at ABA Compass

Unlock Special Opportunities for Growth and Learning. Our goal at ABA Compass is to make our expert services as easily accessible as we can. We take great pride in providing a variety of promos and exclusive deals that are intended to assist the families and individuals we assist.

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