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Our Mission

At ABA Compass, our goal is to enhance the lives of those experiencing cognitively linked conditions, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Our goal is to create compassionate, individualized treatment plans that are tailored to the specific requirements of each client by utilizing the scientific rigour of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

Research and a strong commitment to developing potential serve as the foundation for our strategy. Regardless of the obstacles they may encounter, we think that everyone has the potential to lead a fulfilling life, given the correct assistance. Not only do we want to help with cognitive issues, but we also want to make the path to self-reliance and fulfillment easier.

In order to facilitate this change, we work to empower our clients by providing ABA-based interventions that are constantly given in an authentic and compassionate manner. We create a space where compassionate support and evidence-based therapy collide to give people with ASD and related cognitive difficulties new opportunities.

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Personalized ABA Therapy

Personalized one-on-one ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) therapy for children and adolescents with developmental delays, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and other related disorders is our area of expertise at ABA Compass Behaviour Therapy Services Inc. We make sure that every child receives the best support possible by customizing our services to suit their specific needs.

All-inclusive Assistance in a Cozy Setting

We offer our treatment services in the familiar and comfortable setting of your home as well as at our warm and friendly location, which is easily accessible at 1589 Fanshawe Park Rd E, London, Ontario | 2655 Liruma Rd., Mississauga, ON L5K 1Y8. Because of our flexibility, we are able to meet the needs and preferences of the families we work with, making therapy easily accessible.

Proudly Listed on OAP and Accepting New Clients

As a proud member of the Ontario Autism Program (OAP), we are able to attest to our dedication to providing high-quality care and assistance to children with autism. Because of our recognition as an OAP listed provider, families may be assured that they will be able to get high-quality ABA therapy because our services are recognized for funding eligibility.

Options for Financing to Meet Your Needs

We provide support to families who choose to use private funding or OAP expense funding, acknowledging the financial implications of therapy. Regardless of their socioeconomic situation, we want every child to be able to take use of our programs.

Participate in Our Community

We urge you to become a part of our community and are presently accepting new clients. Make an appointment for your child with us right now to start the process of a developmental and growth-oriented journey. At ABA Compass, our mission is to help every child reach their greatest potential by acting as a compass for their future.

ABA Compass

Offers Many Services in the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Field

ABA COMPASS BEHAVIOR THERAPY SERVICES INC offers evidence-based behaviour therapy and ABA therapy to our children and families.

Our therapy is run in a safe and supportive environment full of fun activities, educational toys, and sensory toys. Our goal is to assist your child to become independent while they are learning, in a fun and interesting way.

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ABA Compass

We Are Committed To Providing high
Quality ABA Therapy

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ABA Therapy

An evidence-based therapy that has proven efficacy in improving individuals’ lives.

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Professional Supervision

We provide professional supervision for those pursuing certification.

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We assess the strengths and weaknesses of your child’s performance. 

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We collaborate with other professionals in the intervention team. 

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Family Support

Let our family help yours in their journey to overcome autism.

Home-Based ABA Therapy Services

ABA Therapy provides effective home-based therapy for children with unique needs, creating a safe and comfortable environment that allows children to learn and progress while being surrounded by their belongings and toys. Additionally, parents can be actively involved in the therapy process to aid in the development of desired skills.

Centre-Based ABA Therapy Services

At ABA Therapy, our centre-based services provide a controlled and structured environment that fosters learning, growth, and development for children, where they can build communication and social skills through interaction with peers. Our facility at 1589 Fanshawe Park Rd E. | 2655 Liruma Rd., Mississauga, ON L5K 1Y8 features a warm and rich environment, a qualified team of instructor therapists, and a wide, safe backyard with plenty of resources for physical engagement and play.

Comprehensive SLP Services

Experience excellence in communication with ABA Compass. Our dedicated Speech Language Pathology (SLP) services are tailored to empower individuals to communicate effectively and confidently. Discover how our team can help you achieve your communication goals.

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