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Professional Supervision

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ABA professional Certification

We are able to provide professional supervision for those pursuing their certifications in the field of ABA. Individuals who are accumulating supervision hours towards their certification with BACB are welcome to ask about supervision service with us. We provide professional supervision corresponding with the BACB requirements and updated criteria. Supervision is provided to RBTs, BCaBAs, and BCBAs certification. Please visit the Board website for more information about the latest requirements, task-list and the code of ethics of each category.

The purpose of ongoing supervision is to improve and maintain your behaviour-analytic, professional, and ethical repertoires, and facilitate the delivery of high-quality services to clients (i.e., any recipient or beneficiary of behaviour-analytic services).

needing professional supervision?

Supervisors oversee individuals who are accruing experience hours to become certified (e.g. trainees) and/or individuals who are providing behavior-analytic services (e.g. RBTs and BCaBAs).

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